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Intro (Declassified)

Roll Intro Credits (Music: Gundam Wing Operation S Endless Waltz, Prologue: AC195: Xmas Eve Second Verse Start Time: 2:22, Elapse Time 2:37)

The camera pans around in space and stops as a Pelican Class Transport ship jumps into the Wasteland System

Miranda-Circe: This is the transport ship Miranda-Circe calling Wasteland Station. Requesting approach coordinates.

Wasteland Station: Roger Miranda-Circe coordinates will be given upon receiving coded security transmission.

Miranda-Circe: Roger Wasteland, Sending transmission now.

Wasteland Station: Transmission has been received, turn to bearing two-niner-five. An escort detail has been dispatched to help with the transfer of the personnel.

A group of Vampire fighter spacecraft approaches the transport. A single (Enhanced) Vampire fighter launches from the Pelican class transport Miranda-Circe. Two of the Vampire fighters break off and approach the lone aircraft.

Nathan Marshall: Hey Mike, do you know who the new test pilot is?

Mike Roll: No I donít know, but I do know that he is Black Ops rated, and that its rumored that heís never been hit in combat. This guy is supposed to have nerves of steal!

Nathan Marshall: A real Superman huh? Well letís see I can spook our mystery guest!

Mike Roll: I donít think the commander will like that.

Nathan Marshall: I out rank you lieutenant, so I donít give a ratís ass what you think.

Mike Roll: Under stood sir!

Nathan Marshall: Good. Move into flanking position, and letís see if I give this guy a buzz.

The two fighters from the group take places on either side of the (Enhanced) Vampire fighter

Nathan Marshall: Watch this!

Nathan Marshall fighter dose a Clockwise roll, at the same time, does a counter clock wise barrel roll and to the starting position. the other ship doesnít move. After Nathanís fighter gets back into position above the mystery guest, the mystery guest does the exact same thing to Nathanís fighter, but this time Nathan bugs out and is forced to break off.

Mike Roll: Looks like you flinched. ha ha.

Nathan Marshall: Shut up! This is Escort One, pilot Identify your self!

You: I guessed it was you, with that little stunt you pulled.

Nathan Marshall: No way! It canít be!

You: Donít tell me you forgot me already.

Nathan Marshall: Of course not, But I thought I would never see you again!

Mike Roll: You know each other?

Nathan Marshall: Are you kidding? We were in the academy together. We also had out first assignment together. But after it was over I was transferred, and I never heard from him afterwards, I though he was dead. So, What the hell have you been up to?

You: I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you and your friend too.

Nathan Marshall: Black Ops stuff, Huh. Well I canít wait Ďtil we land so we can catch-up on old times. Want to race?

You: Are you sure? <pause> Just say go!

Nathan Marshallís ship takes off (Afterburners), and after a few seconds

Nathan Marshall: Go!

You hit the after burners

Mike Roll: Hey, wait for me!

You soon catch up to Nathanís fighter.

You: Coming through!

Your ship does a barrel role over Nathanís fighter in a high speed pass, and forces him off.

Mike Roll: This is Escort Two to Wasteland station, request immediate landing for two very insane pilots!

Wasteland Tech: Insane? WhaÖ

Your ship approaches the station first.

Wasteland Station: This is Wasteland Station to Vampire Transport, you are coming in too fast, reduce speed immediately, tractor beam can not lock on for landing.

You take your ship in at full afterburner

Wasteland Station: Attention all personnel, clear the flight deck immediately, I repeat, clear the flight deck.

You reverse the shipís direction and go to full afterburner and come down gently of the flight deck

Wasteland Station: Not again? Escort One, reduce speedÖ

Nathan takes his ship in at full afterburner also, and slams on the breaks (facing froward) right as he is about to land but is not as successful as Jason. His ship scrapes the wall, and lands right next to you

Flight Deck Tech: What the hell was that about?

Valerie Stanford: This is Commander Valerie Stanford, calling the Escort One, and Vampire Transport, report to the Commands Ops Immediately!

-- New Scene --

On the Bridge of wasteland station

Valerie Stanford: Well gentlemen, I hope you had your fun for today? Because Iím just about ready to bust both your ass, and throw you in the brig for insubordination!

Nathan Marshall: Sorry ma'am we just got a little carried away.

Valerie Stanford: I would have to say that is an understatement. Well captain do you know why you are here?

You: Something to do with begin a test pilot ma'am.

Valerie Stanford: Thatís correct. You are to be one of the test pilots for two experimental fighters.

You: With all do respect, Why was I selected?

Valerie Stanford: Thatís simple captain, Due to your outstanding performances in the past, and your ability to push your ship to and past its limits, it was determined that you would make the perfect candidate, that plus your background in naval aviation engineering. The Vampire that you were flying was not Black Op special was it?

You: No ma'am! It was an augmented variant of the special. The speed, maneuverability and reactor output was increased by an additional 20%

Nathan Marshall: So thatís how you beat me!

Valerie Stanford: We donít have time for chit chat Captain Marshall, we have to get on with the accelerated testing schedule.

You: Accelerated schedule?

Valerie Stanford: As you probably heard with in the last few months a new threat to the confederation has been discovered, the Nephilim. Well what has not been announced is that the Nephilim had a second portal into the Kilrahi, but thanks to some quick work, we were able to destroy their forces and capture the device. But itís only a matter of time before they find another entrance into the sector, or just come strait across the galactic void.

Nathan Marshall: So we just kick their asses again, and next time make it so they wonít come back.

Valerie Stanford: If it were only that easy. What Iím about to tell you is classified ultra-secret. Confed intl. believes that the Nephilim forces encountered in the Kilrahi and Vega sectors were just the beginning of a much larger invasion force. From reviewing all the mission data, they suspect that the forces that we fought were nothing more then a lightly armed reconasaince force.

Nathan Marshall: Woe!

Valerie Stanford: This was exactly the threat that Commodore Blair was worried about, that was one the reason why the Midway was built, but the carrier was only part of the equation. The other part was a next generation of fighters, specifically build for long distant combat behind enemy lines. These ship were to be totally independent, each powerful enough to take out a small task force single handedly.

Nathan Marshall: Your kidding right?

Valerie Stanford: No Captain Marshall. <Pause> Well gentlemen, Iíll let you see them, and welcome to the world of Ultra-Secret Ops.

 < Following Information Was Removed For Security Of The Plot >

Valerie Stanford: Let the testing begin. And good luck, to both of you.

(On to the first mission)

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