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Modeler / Texture Mappers
We need a few good ships that are to be built by predetermined specification, and converted to WCPSO file format. If you crunch ship models for breakfast then we are looking for you, Submit your resume [here]

Mission Programmers
What game would be complete with out mission, WCWI is no exception. As a Mission Programmer you must be able to create and debug missions. If you think you got what it takes contact me [here]

Set Designer
We are looking for Model Set Designers (Ever wanted to know what the inside of a Confederation R&D station looks like? So do we.) All sets are going to be used in CG scene only, poly count irrelevant; look, feel, and detail are the most important! Some of the sets that need to be created are, Wasteland Station Bridge and Hanger, Hades Class Bridge, Midway Class Bridge, and more. If you got the makings of an artist and are willing to help, contact me [here]

Character Animators
This job ties in with the Set Designer, you must be able to design and animate character models that will be used throughout the game during Cut Scenes and Mission. This is by far the most difficult of the animation to do, but it you think you can hack it, Submit your resume [here]

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